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SME CHICAGOLAND  Chapter 5 exists to support Manufacturing and

Education in the nine county area surrounding Chicago. Become a member!

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How can you help?

Children and Teens are the future - they need help to make it in Technology! 


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How can you help?

Volunteer your time, become a member of SME Chicagoland and give back to Manufacturing.


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Upcoming events

IMTS 2024 – Inspiring The Extraordinary

Join us Sept. 9-14, 2024 in Chicago for IMTS 2024. IMTS is where the creators, the builders, the sellers, and the drivers of manufacturing technology come to connect, be inspired, and find solutions.

From around the globe, the industry gathers to discover the latest in innovations and technologies changing our future through advanced and traditional manufacturing, robotics, automation, and digital transformation. Be a part of the change.


About us

SME Chicagoland Chapter 5 is a not-for-profit 501c3 membership group made up of Manufacturing Professionals and Educators, in the Chicagoland nine county area surrounding Chicago Metropolitan Area. 



PRIME Schools 

Members working with local High Schools and Colleges in a 9 county metro area around Chicago to accelerate their students through programs like PRIME to expand their reach, push students to higher levels, and graduate the best for Manufacturing. 



Donated in 2023 and before to help our cause. Help us double that amount so we can do so much more.


Member Volunteers

Our members are working to help Manufacturer's and Education link-up and accomplish common goals. 


Our Events and tours happen at local schools and manufacturing plants throughout the 9 county area around Chicago. See our picture gallery to see how our members and volunteers operate.

High Schools Colleges Event Tours K-12 Awareness

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SME Chicagoland Chapter 5 needs funds to help local schools in a nine county Chicagoland area.

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Join us today and give back to Education and Manufacturing - we need your help!

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Bob Iossi


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Greg Sweigert

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Jerry Crimer


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Chuck Gates

Member Educator

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Jim Michella

Member Communications & Membership

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Joe Arvin

Industry Relations

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Corey Dahlberg

Industry Relations

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Jim Schlusmann Liaison